Andy Loble with a qualitty Shetnad Isles cod
19 Mar 2017

Shetland Isles Recce in Small Watercraft

Andy Loble is constantly up for a challenge when it comes to fishing. He has always had a thing for adrenaline sports and feels there should be no reason why you can’t add a bit of excitement to your fishing.

shetland boat fishing coalfish
17 Apr 2013

Berserk Fishing With The Vikings

Shetland marks the very northern extremity of the British Isles and defines the final truly unexplored frontier for UK sea anglers. Steve Souter explored the magical location in depth some three years ago.

Laurence Williamson with his monster Shetland puddle cod
15 Feb 2011

Shetland puddle monsters

Shore fishing around Shetland can be spectacular, but it remains a huge unknown as most local sea anglers take to the boats. Laurence Williamson, Mark Duncan and son Isaac fancied a spot of fishing at a little known sea loch,