stornoway sea angling club house
20 Feb 2014

England Tops in the Western Isles

The SALC Home Internationals Boat Championships are an annual boat competition fished between Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales for the write to be named the Home International Boat Champions.

St Kilda Tuna Hunt scotland
22 Sep 2013

St Kilda Tuna Hunt

A couple of years ago I was out for an exploratory St Kilda trip with Angus Campbell onboard the predecessor to the beast that is Orca III and talk turned to what might be lurking in the deeps on the edges of the Continental Shelf.

competition underway off the Isle of Lewis
28 Aug 2011

The Stornoway Story

Prominent Stornoway Sea Angling Club Member, Ally Campbell, offers an insight into one of the busiest and most prosperous clubs in the country, and reports on two fantastic recent charter boat events on the Isle of Lewis.

an angler casting from the rocks in Cliffs Bay
12 Aug 2009

Wonders of the Western Isles

Steve Souter suggests wearing a nappy and a crash helmet while dodging lunatic drivers and crazy sheep on the stark back roads of the Isle of Lewis. But if you come through that okay then he says the shore fishing

close up of the mouth of a Harris common skate with hook
23 Oct 2008

Island Master-skater

Former British shore-caught skate record holder Gordon Mackenzie has been among the big fish again. Here Gillies Mackenzie exclusively reveals a secret venue, details a magic rig, and brings you the full story of Gordon’s latest 159lb shore conquest. It’s