an Orkney boat moored
22 Jan 2016

Can You Really Afford To Lower Costs When it Comes to Boat Safety Equipment?

Whether you own an inshore fishing boat, or a fast offshore vessel, or maybe you’re looking to make your first purchase, having the right equipment on board is absolutely vital to your safety on the water.

kayak pollack
17 Jan 2014

Using Fish Finders in Saltwater Kayak Fishing

Nothing really beats the pleasure of a day out on the open water – where there is nothing but you, nature, and the soothing sounds of the sea, and of course, a hectic time with the fish.

Thurso lifeboat with a tow rope out
08 Feb 2009

Calling All Stations

VHF radio is not some social medium for idle angler chit-chat, and applying correct VHF radio voice protocols at all times is a key part of safety at sea. Charter skipper, Jim O’ Donnell is your guide to using VHF