L/R Derek Yuille, Champion Jon Law and Joël Luyts
15 Oct 2017

Welsh Success At Weymouth WIBAC

After a successful EFSA European Championships at Weymouth Andy and Charlotte Selby of Weymouth Angling Centre came up with the idea of a five day competition to be fished out of the UK’s busiest charter port. After decisions on the

L-R Horst Schneider, Dan Lynch, Heiko Dreier (Sr & Jr), Petter Skudal
30 Sep 2016

EFSA European Boat & Line Class Angling Championships 2016

The European Federation of Sea Anglers‘ 2016 Boat Championships were hosted by EFSA Ireland and co-hosted by Cobh Sea Angling Club at Cobh, County Cork from the 16th to the 23rd of September.

Festival Fishing in The Isle of Man
26 Sep 2015

Festival Fishing in The Isle of Man

Oganiser Jamie Hinchliffe had wisely set aside a backup date of the 9th of August for first day’s event which would comprise the “Allround Fishing” sponsored heaviest pollack, and the “Manx Fork Trucks” sponsored flatfish competition along with the heaviest fish caught on an “Eddystone Eel”.

wibac boat fishing weymouth winner Matt Osbourne
27 Oct 2014

Allez les Bleus à Weymouth

For the past few years the Pizza Jacques gang from France have visited the top charter port of Weymouth to take part in various fishing competitons. This year saw them fish the Weymouth International Boat Angling Challenge organised by Weymouth Angling Centre.

European Boat Championship Weymouth top cat III
23 Sep 2014

Italian Youth and Class Shine Through at Weymouth

125 competitors from 14 countries visited Weymouth in Dorset during the week beginning 15 September to fish the EFSA European Boat and Line Class Championships organised by the English Section.

Irish team selection proceedure
20 Apr 2014

Irish Shore Team Selection Proceedure

The Irish Federation of Sea Anglers have separate systems for selecting their International shore teams for the World Championships and the annual Home Nations events.

Competition Progression Within the SFSA beach
22 Mar 2014

Competition Progression Within the SFSA

Competitive angling is one branch of sea angling which as a federation we try to encourage. Healthy competition is good for the growth and development of the sport.

mermaids sea angling
09 Mar 2014

Mermaids All At Sea

Former Caithness Sea Angling Association secretary Gayle Terrace takes a wander down memory lane as she recalls the day that the gauntlet was thrown down in the battle of the sexes.

stornoway sea angling club house
20 Feb 2014

England Tops in the Western Isles

The SALC Home Internationals Boat Championships are an annual boat competition fished between Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales for the write to be named the Home International Boat Champions.

Weymouth Angling Society Juniors
18 Oct 2013

Weymouth Angling Society Juniors

I was recently down in Weymouth for a week long fishing holiday and decided to meet up with Weymouth Angling Society Chairman and long time fishing friend Billy Short for a catch up session and chat.