Two Alderney Style Long Stem Floats
17 Apr 2016

Building an Alderney Style Long Stem Float

Some years ago Steve Ace from Veals Fishing Tackle developed a float fishing style or bream and mullet that was picked up by Alderney anglers.

Pulpit rock wrasse Portland Bill tompot blennie
13 May 2012

Rocks, Wrasse and Heart Attacks

Steve Parker scrambles down to the iconic Pulpit rock on Portland Bill for an early tilt at the local wrasse population using light tackle tactics.

a close up of a float fihsed pollack
27 Aug 2009

Float your boat with power-house pollack

Targeting and catching pollack with float tackle from a boat is a sure-fire way of maximizing sport and minimizing losses synonymous with other methods. Here Ian Lindsay explains the simplicity of this exhilarating tactic. For years I wondered how I

a close up of the head of an Alderney black bream
09 Jul 2009

Bread or bust

Bread is THE mullet bait, but Channel Islands’ rumour has it that a bit of loaf clobbers bream too. Steve Souter is on the case. Daylight was just about breaking as we parked off-road. Alderney shore guide and island tackle

Alex McDonald with an Alderney mullet
23 Jan 2009

Where there’s muck there’s mullet

“It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it!” gagged Steve Souter as he went Alderney mullet hunting with one hand over his mouth in possibly the smelliest place on Earth. While Alderney’s imposing ¾ mile long breakwater is the

a mullet in a net next to rod and reel
02 Jul 2008

Horn of plenty

Mullet fanatic Steve Walker reveals all about catching his favourite fish from the beaches and rocks around the beautiful Isle of Whithorn in south-west Scotland.