Andy Loble with a qualitty Shetnad Isles cod
19 Mar 2017

Shetland Isles Recce in Small Watercraft

Andy Loble is constantly up for a challenge when it comes to fishing. He has always had a thing for adrenaline sports and feels there should be no reason why you can’t add a bit of excitement to your fishing.

Lanacarshire Latest with Jordan Russell
31 May 2016

Lancashire Latest News – 31-05-2016

Last Thursday night members of Lancashire Sea Fishing Facebook Group, Mark Thompson, Steve Elton, Steven Prior and Alex Mackenzie fished over low water at Clevelys. They found the fishing very slow, with the only fish of note a plaice for

boat fishing Jersey bass
20 Nov 2015

Afloat Off Jersey Shores

Jersey resident Daniel Ferguson appreciates the wonderful fishing that he has on his doorstep and he is keen for others to come and share in the great sport available to the boat angler.

general new and reports
23 Jun 2014

Oxwich Kayak Fishing Competition 2014

South Wales Kayak Anglers are pleased to announce that Palm Equipment and Escape Watersports are collaborating in sponsoring the 2014 Oxwich Kayak fishing competition, this is the 5th year that competition has been run and all profits go to the

kayak pollack
17 Jan 2014

Using Fish Finders in Saltwater Kayak Fishing

Nothing really beats the pleasure of a day out on the open water – where there is nothing but you, nature, and the soothing sounds of the sea, and of course, a hectic time with the fish.

Heroes On The Water kayak instruction
08 Dec 2013

Heroes On The Water

Heroes On The Water UK (HOW UK) is a charity that provides Kayak Angling to our wounded military and members of the public who have suffered whilst carrying out a public duty.

kayak lures breaking waves
05 Jan 2013

Kayak Skill & Thrill Seekers

We hitch another exhilarating ride with Jersey-based lure and kayak expert, Keith White, as he explores different types of ‘boats’, essential equipment, and the vital importance of instruction and safety when indulging in this incredibly liberating form of sea fishing.

LRF HRF kayak fishing in Jersey bass
18 Dec 2012

Resistance is Futile

Light tackle pioneer, lure fishing maestro and boundary-pushing kayak fisherman, Keith White, explains the roots of HRF and LRF from a British perspective, and introduces readers to the fantastically rewarding world of extreme kayak fishing in the sea.

Freedom Hawk Kayaks yellow open
14 Oct 2011

Freedom Hawk Kayaks

Sea angling Kayak design followed more or less the same standard blueprint until the arrival of the innovative Freedom Hawk range, which changed everything.

kayak besie flooded road signs
01 Apr 2009

Hitch a ride on the tide

Understanding tides is critical if putting to sea in a kayak. Neil Turnball explains what essential publications kayakers need to make sense of tides before giving a thought to getting wet. After your first few trips on your kayak you’ll