Kevin with his tub gurrnard
18 Sep 2017

Seasonal Changes on Essex Shores

It really is that switch over time when our summer species depart slowly to warmer climes. Autumn seems to have arrived overnight with much colder early mornings and evenings heralding the shoals of whiting. I think we now have to accept

Martyn Smyth with his 6lb bass on a squid bait
05 Sep 2017

Whiting Show Up In Essex

It seems as if that autumn clock has been switched on, bang on time! Almost overnight shoals of autumnal whiting have appeared for both beach, pier and boat angler. Our beaches have been invaded with these voracious feeding species and after

Arturas Babyre with a 7lb bass
28 Aug 2017

Essex Sport Hots Up With Indian Summer

We carry on this week in a similar trend with calm clear seas and warm temperatures and it looks like the forecast is set for an Indian Summer which will mean it could be early October before much cooler weather sets

Tiffany with a bass
14 Aug 2017

Bass Have Breakfast With Tiffany

The sea has cleared this week to an almost blue colour which has made daytime beach fishing slightly more difficult with most discerning fish staying out in deeper waters until dusk. Having said that, school bass will still be found close

Lee Dunkley with his 11lb smoothhound
07 Aug 2017

Smoothhounds Provide Essex Boat Sport

The weather has once again played its role for the boat anglers with high winds causing choppy seas and making it difficult for any boats to take to the water. Towards the weekend the winds eased and the fishing was that

Baily with his bass
24 Jul 2017

Baily’s Brilliant Bass

The monthly report from the Brightlingsea charter boat Sophie Lea has been very promising, plenty of medium size hounds being caught providing great sport on the right tackle.  Hermit crabs are the top bait.  The bass have also been feeding well with fish

Mark with his bass
17 Jul 2017

Mark Hits a Double with the Bass

As we move into mid-Summer it has always been a time for the bigger bass to move closer to the shoreline and this year has been no exception. Evening into the darkness has always the best time to find them feeding. Local angler Mark

John with a lure caught pier bass
02 Jul 2017

Bass Times in Essex

July has arrived with an influx of bass. The 1st of July heralded a relaxation of the ban on retaining landed bass, although we are only allowed to keep one per session over the 42cm size limit. It has to be better than nothing.

Local angler Matt Clark with a bass
26 Jun 2017

Bass and Sole Keep Essex Anglers Busy

Plenty of small bass for the shore angler and some bigger fish for the anglers that fish the evening tides when the beaches are that much quieter. Most of those fickle thornback rays have moved out into deeper water leaving just

Mark with his Walton Pier hound
19 Jun 2017

Essex Anglers Advised to Fish Evening Tides

Soaring temperatures this week have hit 30oC and with only a slight breeze it has felt very tropical on our part of the coast. Beach anglers have seen a slowdown on the thornback ray front during these bright, daylight hours but the bass don’t