Mark with his bass
17 Jul 2017

Mark Hits a Double with the Bass

As we move into mid-Summer it has always been a time for the bigger bass to move closer to the shoreline and this year has been no exception. Evening into the darkness has always the best time to find them feeding. Local angler Mark

John with a lure caught pier bass
02 Jul 2017

Bass Times in Essex

July has arrived with an influx of bass. The 1st of July heralded a relaxation of the ban on retaining landed bass, although we are only allowed to keep one per session over the 42cm size limit. It has to be better than nothing.

Local angler Matt Clark with a bass
26 Jun 2017

Bass and Sole Keep Essex Anglers Busy

Plenty of small bass for the shore angler and some bigger fish for the anglers that fish the evening tides when the beaches are that much quieter. Most of those fickle thornback rays have moved out into deeper water leaving just

Mark with his Walton Pier hound
19 Jun 2017

Essex Anglers Advised to Fish Evening Tides

Soaring temperatures this week have hit 30oC and with only a slight breeze it has felt very tropical on our part of the coast. Beach anglers have seen a slowdown on the thornback ray front during these bright, daylight hours but the bass don’t

Nat Mills with his thornback ray
12 Jun 2017

Summer Species Hit the Essex Coast

A strong onshore breeze has curtailed boat fishing somewhat, although there are still plenty of thornback ray, smoothhounds, bass and tope on the further out marks. The smooth hounds have increased in size with hounds reported to 18lb plus some bass

Ben with his stingray
29 May 2017

St Osyth Beach Stingray Enjoy the Warm Weather

The warm, sultry weather continues this week which provide conducive conditions for stingray fishing. They move into our shallow waters on the evening flood tides and we are now into that early summer time when the stingray are feeding. Ben Critchley

John Popplewell with the the biggest bass from his seven bass haul
23 May 2017

Essex Smoothhound Run the Boat Gauntlet

At last Summer is here, it has taken some time, but those chilly easterly winds have gone and now we are in a gentle warm southerly breeze. The Summer species are now arriving and the long awaited Essex smoothhound packs are gradually

Winners of the Clacton Pier Charity Shield Match
08 May 2017

Clacton Pier Charity Shield 2017

Strong north-easterly winds over the last couple of weeks have curtailed the angling somewhat, but luckily the weekend saw the very cold wind drop to make the fishing that more pleasant for anglers including those fishing the Charity Shield. Clacton

blonde ray for Patrick Mckennor
24 Apr 2017

Big Rays and Spurs Hit the Essex Coast

It really is all change this week with a variety of summer species turning up on our part of the coast, from those giant stingrays to spurdogs. Colchester Angling Club held the second of their Colchester Bait and Tackle sponsored

Essex beaches thornback ray
17 Apr 2017

Bass are Showing on Essex Beaches

At last we are seeing some bass starting to appear for the shore anglers on the Essex beaches and piers. It has also been great to see the massive amount of thornback rays over the last few months, especially with