three anglers on an exposed rocky shoreline
11 Jan 2010

Missing, presumed dead

Rock fishing is dangerous regardless of how the pursuit is romanticised in words and pictures. There’s no hiding that rock anglers die every year and we should take all necessary precautions to keep safe says Steve Souter. The headline says

Seasafe Sea Trekker Gilet
13 Nov 2009

Seasafe Sea Trekker Gilet

Sea anglers can seem averse to wearing floatation devices or lifejackets, often arguing bulkiness, restricted movement and discomfort as their reasons. Such crazy arguments are not rooted in common sense, and there are in fact many smart and less incarcerating

kayak besie flooded road signs
01 Apr 2009

Hitch a ride on the tide

Understanding tides is critical if putting to sea in a kayak. Neil Turnball explains what essential publications kayakers need to make sense of tides before giving a thought to getting wet. After your first few trips on your kayak you’ll

Thurso lifeboat with a tow rope out
08 Feb 2009

Calling All Stations

VHF radio is not some social medium for idle angler chit-chat, and applying correct VHF radio voice protocols at all times is a key part of safety at sea. Charter skipper, Jim O’ Donnell is your guide to using VHF

an angler caught on rocks by a breaking wave
24 Dec 2008

Instant whipped

Giant rogue waves from out of nowhere are a persistent winter danger to rock anglers. Steve Souter admits experienced rods get caught out too, and hopes that relating a recent close call will help teach us all a valuable lesson.

two anglers aboard a kayak land a fish
23 Oct 2008

Saddle, paddle, dabble

With essential kit trialled, safety drills ingrained, and a few hours of basic handling in the can, Neil Turnbull now turns his attention to gearing up for fishing from a kayak. With practise successfully undertaken, and having made yourself familiar

a kayak angler lifting a cod aboard
18 Jul 2008

Yakity-yak… you won’t look back

You’ve decided to invest in a SOT fishing kayak, but which one? Are they all the same, and what do you need to look for? Yak addict Neil Turnbull is on hand with some priceless advice. What is a SOT