The Tronixpro Wrap and Strap
05 Apr 2017

Tronixpro Wrap and Strap Reviewed

Tronixpro always seem to have their finger on the button when it comes to the latest innovations and the Wrap and Strap is certainly one of those. The rod carrier is ideal for those impromptu sessions when you just want

The packaged Blade Tech G2 sharpener
23 Feb 2017

Blade Tech G2 Sharpener Reviewed

Based in Conway, Wales, Blade Tech have been producing sharpening tools for a number of years now. Planet Sea Fishing takes a look at the latest additions to their range the Blade Tech G2 and the Diamond Taper Steel. When

The packaged Inova Bait Binder with spare elastic
03 Dec 2016

Bait Binder from Inova Reviewed

Since setting up his new company, Inova, Martin McGowan has not rested on his laurels when it comes to innovative fishing tackle. While the Ullcatch Bait Weaver proved a success Martin decided that things could be improved, and the Inova

a lure box with contents
13 Jul 2016

Essential Sea Angling Accessories

There are tons of articles being written that tell you about rods, reels and bait. Heck, I’ve written a bunch of those types of articles myself, but there are very few articles that concentrate on what I call, “the other essential gear”.

clamp and tray in place on trolley
08 May 2016

Bait Station Trolley Clamp

An increasing number of anglers are using baiting trays to help them stay organised on the pier and beach. Although there are stands available to support the tray it does mean an additional item to transport.

Damiltech Tray and Breakaway tray
10 Feb 2016

Damiltech Tray Toppa Reviewed

Damiltech are a small firm, run by Dave Mills, who produce simple but effective add-ons for the angler’s tackle box. In this review David Proudfoot takes a look at the Damiltech Tray Toppa.

Shakespeare Mach XT Cool Bag strps secured
21 Jun 2015

Shakespeare Mach XT Cool Bag

It’s not often that you find a bargain from a major tackle company that is to good to miss but the Shakespeare Mach XT cool bag is certainly one of those.

Ullcatch Bait Weaver Elastic Dispenser ready for use
28 Mar 2015

Ullcatch Bait Weaver Elastic Dispenser Reviewed

Up until now I’ve had to put up with loose spools of elastic thread which, when not loosing itself and unravelling in the corners of my tackle or coolbox, becomes a malodorous, rotting mass reeking of mussel juice. Fortunately Ullcatch have come up with a handy containerised tool which overcomes all of these problems.

Damiltech Tripod Torch fixed
08 Feb 2015

Damiltech Tripod Torch

I prefer to have a light on my rod rest to illuminate my rod tips when night fishing as I feel that light overspill can put off some of the fish which inhabit the water close to shore. The Damiltech torch kit appears to fit the bill.

Savage Gear Roadrunner Gear Bag chest fit
03 Aug 2014

Savage Gear Roadrunner Gear Bag Reviewed

Weymouth based young gun lure angler Luke Gregory has specific requirements when it comes to carrying his gear around south coast shore marks. Here he has a long term, in depth look at the Savage Gear Roadrunner Gear Bag to find out if it meets his specifications.