Damiltech Tripod Torch fixed
08 Feb 2015

Damiltech Tripod Torch

I prefer to have a light on my rod rest to illuminate my rod tips when night fishing as I feel that light overspill can put off some of the fish which inhabit the water close to shore. The Damiltech torch kit appears to fit the bill.

Fox Halo HT-135 headlight front
03 Sep 2012

Fox Halo HT-135 headlight

Steve Souter appraises the Fox Halo HT-135 LED fishing headlight and does not find it wanting. But you had better get a move on if this review perks your interest as these super little lamps won’t be available for much longer.

Joby Gorillatorch on tripod
29 May 2010

Joby Gorillatorch

David Proudfoot thinks he may have found the solution to tripod illumination for night shore fishing. The ‘Joby Gorillatorch’ sports a bright and adjustable light, and comes complete with clever octopus legs that will wrap securely rod rests, beach trolleys

Lenser H7 LED Headlamp
13 Mar 2009

Lenser H7 LED Headlamp

Many compact fishing headlights fall short in the performance and build quality stakes, but the Lenser H7 LED headlamp bucks these negative trends to deliver exactly what is promised on the product packaging says Daniel Frazer. I had been seeking

a LED headlamp
17 Dec 2008

A light in the black

Progression from those bulky battery-draining lamp conversions to the latest high tech, high spec LED headlights has been rapid. Here Iain Graham investigates the LED revolution and spells out the advantages for sea anglers. We are more accustomed to lights

Silva LX – 5W LED Headlamp stock
16 Dec 2008

Silva LX – 5W LED Headlamp

Headlamps have improved dramatically in recent years. No longer is there need to be weighed down with crippling heavy batteries that require so many straps and harnesses so you end up looking like a fighter pilot. And with the superior