Tronixpro lead bag with weights
18 Jun 2017

TronixPro Lead Bag Reviewed

The Tronixpro is rapidly becoming one of leading names in sea fishing tackle in the UK and beyond. The Tronixpro Lead Bag is one of the latest innovation in their luggage range and John Popplewell takes a look at this useful addition for

Tronix Double Compartment Quiver with rods
14 May 2017

Double Compartment Quiver from Tronixpro

Part of the Tronixpro luggage collection the double compartment quiver provides secure, protective, portable storage for the angler afloat or on the shore. For a number of years I have tried various rod holdalls and quivers for both boat and

Ikea weigh sling bag folded with scales
07 May 2017

Effective Inexpensive Weigh Sling

With the bass ban looking like a regular annual feature and more sea anglers practicing catch and release on a customary basis there is an increasing requirement for a protective weigh sling. While you could splash out between £20 and

The Tronixpro Wrap and Strap
05 Apr 2017

Tronixpro Wrap and Strap Reviewed

Tronixpro always seem to have their finger on the button when it comes to the latest innovations and the Wrap and Strap is certainly one of those. The rod carrier is ideal for those impromptu sessions when you just want

Damiltech Tray and Breakaway tray
10 Feb 2016

Damiltech Tray Toppa Reviewed

Damiltech are a small firm, run by Dave Mills, who produce simple but effective add-ons for the angler’s tackle box. In this review David Proudfoot takes a look at the Damiltech Tray Toppa.

Shakespeare Mach XT Cool Bag strps secured
21 Jun 2015

Shakespeare Mach XT Cool Bag

It’s not often that you find a bargain from a major tackle company that is to good to miss but the Shakespeare Mach XT cool bag is certainly one of those.

Savage Gear Roadrunner Gear Bag chest fit
03 Aug 2014

Savage Gear Roadrunner Gear Bag Reviewed

Weymouth based young gun lure angler Luke Gregory has specific requirements when it comes to carrying his gear around south coast shore marks. Here he has a long term, in depth look at the Savage Gear Roadrunner Gear Bag to find out if it meets his specifications.

Fish Zone Specimen Bag
19 Apr 2014

Fish Zone Specimen Bag

Steve Souter reveals the competitively priced Fish Zone Specimen Bag, which will store and transport fishing gear, camera kit and even bait.

Greys GRXi Wet Gear Bag
29 Oct 2013

Greys GRXi Wet Gear Bag

Transporting dripping wet fishing clothing and dirty boots home without soiling the car is a problem for all of us. Steve Souter presents the perfect solution in the shape of the Greys GRXi Wet Gear Bag.

Sakuma Cooler Bag zipped closed
08 Aug 2011

Sakuma Cooler Bags

Transporting and protecting frozen and live baits so that they remain in excellent condition throughout a fishing session is a headache. Loads of cool boxes, cool bags and cool pouches are disappointing let downs, but reviewer Iain Graham describes the