clamp and tray in place on trolley
08 May 2016

Bait Station Trolley Clamp

An increasing number of anglers are using baiting trays to help them stay organised on the pier and beach. Although there are stands available to support the tray it does mean an additional item to transport.

Fisheagle Super Deluxe Match Tripod head
25 Mar 2011

Fisheagle Super Deluxe Match Tripod

Tackle shops are crowded with numerous different makes and types of rod rests for beach anglers. Some are superb while others are about as functional as a chocolate kettle. Phil McAbe has brutalised his share of tripods and was deemed

the upper section of Ian Golds Telescopic Tripod
04 Mar 2009

Ian Golds Telescopic Tripod

Match rod rests, tripods, rod stands, call them what you will, are great for sand and shingle beaches. But as Planet Sea Fishing points out, there are also strong cases for owning a functional lightweight alternative in the shape one of