The packaged Blade Tech G2 sharpener
23 Feb 2017

Blade Tech G2 Sharpener Reviewed

Based in Conway, Wales, Blade Tech have been producing sharpening tools for a number of years now. Planet Sea Fishing takes a look at the latest additions to their range the Blade Tech G2 and the Diamond Taper Steel. When

The packaged Inova Bait Binder with spare elastic
03 Dec 2016

Bait Binder from Inova Reviewed

Since setting up his new company, Inova, Martin McGowan has not rested on his laurels when it comes to innovative fishing tackle. While the Ullcatch Bait Weaver proved a success Martin decided that things could be improved, and the Inova

Ullcatch Bait Weaver Elastic Dispenser ready for use
28 Mar 2015

Ullcatch Bait Weaver Elastic Dispenser Reviewed

Up until now I’ve had to put up with loose spools of elastic thread which, when not loosing itself and unravelling in the corners of my tackle or coolbox, becomes a malodorous, rotting mass reeking of mussel juice. Fortunately Ullcatch have come up with a handy containerised tool which overcomes all of these problems.

Fiskars Power Digging Fork
22 Jun 2013

Fiskars Power Digging Fork

Not every branch of sea angling involves flashy lures or plastic imitations, frequently only live, natural bait will do the job.

Blade-Tech Knife Sharpener knife
02 May 2013

Blade-Tech Knife Sharpener

Small but perfectly formed, that’s the Welsh manufactured Blade-Tech knife sharpener in a nutshell.

Grauvell Teknos Pliers sharp end
25 Oct 2010

Grauvell Teknos Pliers

Costing under a tenner Grauvell Teknos pliers put many much more expensive products to shame. A compact tool, they breeze through 1001 everyday fishing tasks and deliver plenty for the very modest price tag says Steve Souter. Owning at least

TKR Fishing Ruler engravic
03 Mar 2010

TKR Fishing Ruler

Rarely does a small piece of tackle merit a full review in its own right but the quality of the TKR Fishing Rulers makes them an exception. Manufactured from hardened engraving laminate and vinyl this match and pleasure angler’s measure

Snowbee Saltwater Pliers lanyard and case
18 Aug 2009

Snowbee Saltwater Pliers

Tweaking grip-lead wires, off-setting hooks or snipping line are all meat and drink tasks to good pliers… but some tools are better than others. Planet Sea Fishing reports how the multifunctional Saltwater Pliers from Snowbee shape up. A number of

Leatherman Juice XE6 Multitool
24 Oct 2008

Leatherman Juice XE6 Multitool

Planet Sea Fishing say the pocket-sized Leatherman Juice XE6 multitool is versatile, durable, stylish and more. A friend of mine once assured me that you could fix anything short of a hole in the sky with just a Leatherman and a