Sunline Super Cast Tapered Leader
12 Feb 2012

Sunline Fishing Lines

Here we investigate four different fishing lines from top Japanese line producer Sunline and distributed in the UK by Nice Fish!

Tubertini SKI-BLUE mono-fluorocarbon spool
12 Dec 2010

Tubertini SKI-BLUE mono-fluorocarbon

SKI-BLUE from the Tubertini stable is a low diameter fluorocarbon main line material that crafty match anglers would like to keep to themselves. Planet Sea Fishing investigates what makes this line different and puts it through hell to see how

Snowbee Magic Line & Fluro-Tec fluorcarbon
28 Jun 2010

Snowbee Magic Line & Fluro-Tec fluorcarbon

Tackle junkie Des Westmore runs his eye over two new low-vis line products from the Snowbee stable. A couple of interesting new lines from Snowbee could be set to cause a stir. Snowbee Magic line is a clear, incredibly limp

seaguar fluorocarbon line and leader
08 Feb 2009

Seaguar fluorocarbon

Seaguar fluorocabon is one of the top rated leader and hook-length materials on the American market. It’s available in the UK through UK Hooks, and Des Westmore has been putting the stuff to the test for quite some time. Since

9.1 kg spool of Tubertini Fantasm fluorocarbon
17 Sep 2008

Tubertini FANTASM Fluorocarbon

Steve Souter is a bit of a tackle animal. Here he subjects a new fluorocarbon line to some real brutality, but first, some fluoro facts. Before investigating Tubertini Fantasm lets talk a little about fluorocarbons. The world of fishing fluorocarbons