Sunline Super Cast Tapered Leader
12 Feb 2012

Sunline Fishing Lines

Here we investigate four different fishing lines from top Japanese line producer Sunline and distributed in the UK by Nice Fish!

a spool of Tronix Bite line
30 Dec 2010

Tronix BITE line

Bite tapered monofilament invisibly incorporates the casting leader straight from the spool. The PSF team take a look and identify practical applications that might not be so obvious at first glance. Bite from Tronix Pro is in essence a one-fill

Sakuma Shock Leader spool
28 Sep 2010

Sakuma Shock Leader

After months of hard fishing, International shore angler and tournament caster, Iain Graham delivers his verdict on Sakuma Shock Leader line. You instinctively know a superior line when it peels from the spool… soft loose coils fall off with virtually