Namix Wrecking Bullet Moulds 12oz
23 Jan 2011

Namix Wrecking Bullet Moulds

Wrecking Bullets from Namix are two brand new moulds that will instantly grab the interest of boat anglers. Available in 12oz and 16oz versions for starters, these produce leads that are dead-ringers for the classic 10oz DCA Aquapedo. Namix have

single Namix Bullet GX mould
25 Oct 2010

Namix Bullet GX moulds

With the rough seas of the winter cod season all but upon us the need for a reliable grip lead with the ability to ride out tough conditions becomes essential. Here Steve Souter reports on the latest Namix Bullet GX

Irwin Job Tote with weights in compartments
19 Jan 2010

Irwin Job Tote

Suitable carriers for heavy boat fishing leads don’t exist… or do they? David Proudfoot thinks that they do, but you won’t find items like the handy Irwin Job Tote, featured here, in tackle shops. Like most sea anglers I’m constantly

UK HOOKS moulds and leads
05 Oct 2009

New UK HOOKS moulds & leads

The Planet Sea Fishing squad make mountains of lead weights and owns more moulds than you can shake a rod butt at. Who better then to run the rule over the very latest CNC beach lead moulds from UK HOOKS. Since

DVice Bait Delivery System two hook with white rag
23 Jun 2009

DVice Bait Delivery System

Davy Proudfoot hits the beach to test the DVice Bait Delivery System and concludes that the various DVice products have solid boat fishing applications too. Having read a number of glowing reports on the effectiveness of the DVice bait delivery