Penn Squall reel with level wind
30 Apr 2017

Penn Squall Level Wind Review

As a charter skipper on board My Way, Gethyn Owen requires hire tackle that will withstand use and abuse over a season and not let him down. Here he takes a long term look at the Penn Squall 20 with level wind which has

Tronixpro Virtuoso ST 8000 Fixed Spool Reel
09 Nov 2016

Tronixpro Virtuoso ST 8000 Fixed Spool Reel

John Popplewell takes a look at the latest addition to the TronixFishing reel stable, the Tronixpro Virtuoso ST 8000 Fixed Spool Reel.

Fixed Spool Reel Line Retaining Band fitted
27 Apr 2016

Fixed Spool Reel Line Retaining Band

Keeping line from unravelling on a fixed spool can be a trial, whether on the reel or in the spares bag. Although you can buy custom bands to secure the line, complete with manufacturers adverts, a cheaper, simpler version is available.

Daiwa LW20HA reel
02 Oct 2015

The Daiwa LW20HA reel reviewed

Des Westmore recently discovered the joys of using a smaller level wind multiplier reel for his lure fishing and in particular the high speed Daiwa LW20HA which he reviews here.

Daiwa Sealine X 30SHV
26 May 2015

Strip Down Review of the Daiwa Sealine X 30SHV

Rating a reel as the best in its class may be a difficult claim to substantiate but with a strip down review Des Westmore establishes that his customer’s claim may not be far wide of the mark with the Daiwa Sealine X 30SHV.

Fladen Maxximus DX2000R Spinning Reel spool rear drag
15 May 2015

Fladen Maxximus DX2000R Spinning Reel Reviewed

Frankie Costello is a sucker for a front drag reel when light tackle fishing from the shore and kayak, can the rear drag Fladen Maxximus DX2000R spinning reel convince him of the benefits of a well tuned stern drag?

Penn Fathom 30LD2 handle and lever drag
29 Apr 2015

Penn Fathom 30LD2 First Look

Not a review as I don’t publish full reviews after just one outing, however I thought it was worth a quick intro to the Penn Fathom 30LD2 reel.

Shimano Tyrnos 10 Strip Down Maintenance lever drag
23 Mar 2015

Shimano Tyrnos 10 Strip Down Maintenance

No matter what level of quality of a reel attains sooner or later some problems will occur, even with regular maintenance. Here Des Westmore strips a Shimano Tyrnos 10 to fix a couple of regular problems which crop up.

video list image
12 Mar 2015

Quick Change Spools

Rapid spool replacement system for Shimano reels, online at

video list image
26 Aug 2014

TronixPro Envoy Mag Reel Part 2

Part two of Jamie’s review of the TronixPro Envoy Mag reel. This new reel retails at ¬£59.99 and can be found in all good tackle shops and online including Glasgow Angling Centre.