Fladen Maxximus DX2000R Spinning Reel spool rear drag
15 May 2015

Fladen Maxximus DX2000R Spinning Reel Reviewed

Frankie Costello is a sucker for a front drag reel when light tackle fishing from the shore and kayak, can the rear drag Fladen Maxximus DX2000R spinning reel convince him of the benefits of a well tuned stern drag?

Stillwater TSR 5000
02 Jul 2013

Stillwater TSR 5000 Reviewed

The budget market for fixed spool reels is extremely competitive and quality varies widely, here John Francis Costello tests the Stillwater TSR 5000 available from the Glasgow Angling Centre.

Iridium Stingray Fixed Spool Reel right side
18 Feb 2013

Iridium Stingray Fixed Spool Reel

Iridium is a comparatively fresh name on the UK market but the range has rapidly gained a reputation for quality fishing hardware at reasonable prices.

Stillwater Rapid HR300 Reel on bass rod
08 Aug 2011

Stillwater Rapid HR300 Reel

Phil McCabe puts Glasgow Angling Centre’s Stillwater Rapid HR300 fixed spool through its paces and concludes it’s a whole lot of reel for not a lot of money.

Fisheagle CL50 multiplier reel handle side
06 Feb 2011

Fisheagle CL50 multiplier reel

Decent shore tackle is not beyond the reach of those who either can’t lay hands on mountains of cash, or others who simply don’t want to break the bank. Currently selling for under £40, the Fisheagle CL50 multiplier reel from

Daiwa Saltist STT30H reel on the rod
18 Jan 2011

Daiwa Saltist STT30H reel

Shore angler Iain Graham was uncomfortable with larger casting multipliers until an imminent trip to South Africa forced his hand. Choosing the powerful Daiwa Saltist STT30H, his verdict is an unflappable reel that eats the roughest rough ground and big

Daiwa 7HT MAG ST Reel
12 Dec 2010

Daiwa 7HT MAG ST Reel

Daiwa’s flagship 7HT MAG ST beach reel is here. Arguably the most audacious and acutely engineered casting reel to date, it pushes previous boundaries and takes an almighty leap towards the Holy Grail that is mechanical perfection. As Steve Souter

Shimano Navi fixed spool
10 Nov 2010

Shimano Navi fixed spool

Gone are the days when sea anglers were forced to employ fixed spool reels designed for freshwater use, and there is now an excellent array of beefed up reels built specifically for saltwater fishing. The Shimano Navi speed jigging reel

Rocket Reel Co TG-F1 reel side view
11 Apr 2010

TG-F1 rocks the reel world

The casting and fishing worlds are buzzing with talk of just how good the new TG-F1 reel really is. Dutch surfcaster, Chris Banham travelled to the UK where he tested the reel and talked to Tony Gittins, the brains and

Grauvell Delphos BR-Z3500 fixed spool reel handle and drag
29 Nov 2009

Grauvell Delphos BR-Z3500 fixed spool reel

To quickly discover what a new fixed spool reel is capable of, take it out on a boat and knock seven fishing bells out of the thing. If it comes through unscathed then it will breeze anything likely to be