Glued tubing and beads produces a neat rig
24 Sep 2017

Two-Way Beads Glued Fishing Rigs

More and more anglers are converting to using glued stops and two-way beads for rig building. Here we walk you through the materials required and the simplest method of producing these shore and boat rigs. Glued rig stops in conjunction

the recoil rig for drop shot fishing
25 May 2016

The Recoil Rig for Drop Shot Fishing

Sometimes, when drop shotting, you need the lure to remain in more or less the same place while still imparting the necessary action to tempt a nearby fish to take. The recoil rig is one method of keeping the lure in the take zone for longer.

Two Alderney Style Long Stem Floats
17 Apr 2016

Building an Alderney Style Long Stem Float

Some years ago Steve Ace from Veals Fishing Tackle developed a float fishing style or bream and mullet that was picked up by Alderney anglers.

two way beads on line tensioned in rig jig
16 Mar 2016

Making a Simple Rig Jig

Measuring accurate rigs and traces can be a pain, particularly when using rig glue, here David Proudfoot explains how to make a simple rig jig.

bead crimped on trace line
11 Feb 2016

Making a Matchstick Bead Boom

Light weight matchstick bead booms are a valuable addition to the armoury of both the boat and shore angler, here Planet Sea Fishing describe how to a assemble the boom and build a traces using this terminal tackle.

video list image
28 Aug 2013

Tying the FG fishing knot

The guys at Nomad Sports Fishing demonstrate how to tie the neat FG knot for joining braided line to a mono leader. Works on a similar principle to the Chinese finger trap.

Using TronixPro Canny Links rotton bottom
11 Mar 2013

Using TronixPro Canny Links

A number of people have been asking about how to use TronixPro Canny Links to assemble rotten bottom rigs. They are straightforward to use and can simply be tied on to the leader at the loop in the link.

DIY Rig Winder Container
23 Feb 2013

DIY Rig Winder Container

Sometimes you just need to carry a few traces in the tackle box or separate your rig types to make them easy to find. Utilising a simple household item makes this task a doddle.

Pouring Soft Plastic Lures completed
02 Feb 2013

Soft Plastic Lure Making Guide Part 2 – How to pour Soft Plastic Lures

After showing us how to make the mould, Alan Banks explains how to pour your first custom plastic lure.

Step 17 - How to make a one sided silicone mould
27 Jan 2013

Soft Plastic Lure Making Guide Part 1 – How to make a one sided silicone mould

Making your mould is the first and probably the most important part in the lure making process. This may seem daunting at first but it is really easy if you follow Alan Banks’ guide.