Brian Gourley gets a good bend in the Skad boat rod with a nice cod on
08 Feb 2017

Snowbee Skad Boat Rod Reviewed

Snowbee’s Deep Blue rods have been with us for a fair while now and it is over ten years since I first reviewed one . The Deep Blue always came out well in reviews but was not without some, admittedly constructive rather than negative,

two good cod on the Blue Zone Telepower 360
28 Feb 2016

Blue Zone Telepower 360 Reviewed

David Proudfoot has been trialing the excellent Blue Zone Telepower 360 for the past 10 months and has thoroughly tested it out both at anchor and on the drift where it has punched above its weight.

Century Excalibur Braid Rod decal
21 Apr 2014

Century Excalibur Braid 20-40 Boat Rod

Priced at £269 and with something of an instant cult following the Century Excalibur boat rod is raising more than a few interested eyebrows.

Artico Dinamite TNT boat rods collapsed and tips
11 Dec 2013

Artico Dinamite TNT boat rods

International boat angler Steve Souter shares his thoughts on two specialist telescopic competition boat rods from Italian tackle company Artico.

Greys Advent Plus 4-6oz Uptide rod
29 Oct 2013

Greys Advent Plus 4-6oz Uptide rod

Planet Sea Fishing prides itself in accurate and honest tackle reviews, and in this latest ‘warts and all’ test Steve Souter gets to grips with the Greys range-topping Advent Plus 4-6oz Uptide rod.

Islander Spin Jig Rods spigot
27 Mar 2013

Islander Spin Jig Rods

Perfecting the choice of two Islander Spin Jig boat rods was challenging, but with blanks sourced from New Zealand, and the best fittings and build quality available UK HOOKS are confident they have got them spot on.

Snowbee Deep Blue Charter Rods with bag
14 Oct 2011

Snowbee Deep Blue Charter Rods

Snowbee’s affordable Deep Blue Charter rods are fresh additions to the excellent DB range. Priced between £54.99 and £64.99, Des Westmore was keen to get a real handle on them.

Snowbee Travel Boat Rods and case
05 Sep 2011

Snowbee Travel Boat Rods

Snowbee’s Deep Travel Boat rods go under the spotlight. Des Westmore runs the rule over these latest four-piece 12-20 and 30-50 travellers.

Shimano Beastmaster BX2030 boat rod main guide
10 Mar 2011

Shimano Torium 16 reel & Beastmaster BX2030 boat rod

Tackle tart Des Westmore comments on the Shimano Beastmaster BX2030 boat rod and the Torrium 16 reel, both of which have seen plenty of front line fishing action over the past 12 months. I have been an admirer of the

Abu Suveran Evo 20lb boat rod decal
18 Jan 2011

Abu Suveran Evo 20lb boat rod

Abu boat rods and I go back a long way and those in excellent Suveran range have long been my weapons of choice. But despite my love for the Suverans, they fell short of perfect. My main criticism has always