bead crimped on trace line
11 Feb 2016

Making a Matchstick Bead Boom

Light weight matchstick bead booms are a valuable addition to the armoury of both the boat and shore angler, here Planet Sea Fishing describe how to a assemble the boom and build a traces using this terminal tackle.

making bristle boom rigs two way bead
10 Nov 2010

How to make bristle boom rigs

Bristle or Matchstick booms, as they are also known, provide an excellent means of keeping multi-hook, light line beach and boat rigs tangle free says David Proudfoot. Here he reveals the rig-building tricks necessary to make the most of these

Making a spreader boom completed
14 Mar 2010

Making a spreader boom

While it’s possible to purchase spreader booms from retail outlets these tend to be either fixed width or made from fine wire. Where a substantial boom is required for hefty species such as cod, ling or conger the DIY route

the completed tube or tubing booms
13 Jun 2009

How to make Tube Booms

International boat angler, Dave Proudfoot favours plastic ‘tube’ booms over the multitude of wire alternatives. Here he shows you just how quick and easy it is to make custom sliding booms for just pennies. While many boat anglers use French

the Shamrock stainless boat fishing boom rigged for fishing
13 Jan 2009

Shamrock stainless boat fishing booms

Tired of plastic booms that bend and snap? Take a look at these new metal beauties from Shamrock Tackle. Shamrock Tackle have added a strong metal tube boom for boat fishing to their expanding range of terminal gear. Used to stand off