Anatomy of a Fishing Hook
24 May 2014

Sea Angling for Beginners – The Anatomy of a Fishing Hook

There are a bewildering array of hook designs available on the market with manufacturers from Europe to the Far East producing constantly changing ranges. Gone are the days when there were three or four main patterns available to the sea angler.

Sakuma Wormer hooks
18 Feb 2013

Sakuma Wormer hook

The lethally sharp Sakuma Wormer hook might be small and neat but it can certainly handle bigger stray fish as reviewer Iain Graham has seen with his own eyes.

Sabpolo Wormer Hooks
06 Sep 2012

Sabpolo Wormer Hooks

Steve Souter discusses Sabpolo Wormer hooks which are brought into the UK by Tronixpro and quickly developing a strong following among matchmen and light tackle enthusiasts.

Sakuma pennel hook
24 Nov 2008

Sakuma 543 Pennel Manta Extra hooks

With the winter cod season well and truly upon us Planet Sea Fishing takes a close look at the Sakuma 543 Pennel Manta Extra hook and critiques it against a Mustad classic. Anglers mourned the passing of the classic Mustad