Using TronixPro Canny Links rotton bottom
11 Mar 2013

Using TronixPro Canny Links

A number of people have been asking about how to use TronixPro Canny Links to assemble rotten bottom rigs. They are straightforward to use and can simply be tied on to the leader at the loop in the link.

Dvice Clip-on Sinker componetnts
21 May 2010

Dvice Clip-on Sinker

Dave Proudfoot runs the rule over the the latest addition to the range of products from the innovative Dvice Company. The new Dvice clip-on sinker is a simple idea intended to making fishing easier. Well designed and executed, the concept

a fishing weight produced in a CNC cut mould
11 Apr 2009

How to make your own lead weights

Making your own leads can be very satisfying and save you heaps of money. Here top Isle of Wight angler Shaun Graham takes you through the dos and don’ts of moulding your own leads. Before we begin, it cannot be

a handful Tubertini coated leads
05 Jan 2009

Tubertini and Ultramarine coated leads

Coloured lead weights are becoming increasingly popular among boat anglers in particular. Steve Souter offers reasons why a splash of lead colour might be worth considering, before looking at two coated lead products for sea anglers. If you fish the