Savage Gear Line Through Sandeel
22 Mar 2017

Savage Gear Line Thru Sandeel

An interesting new lure from Savage Gear. The Savage Gear Line Thru Sandeel is used inline, with the line threaded through the body of the lure.

Pouring Soft Plastic Lures completed
02 Feb 2013

Soft Plastic Lure Making Guide Part 2 – How to pour Soft Plastic Lures

After showing us how to make the mould, Alan Banks explains how to pour your first custom plastic lure.

Step 17 - How to make a one sided silicone mould
27 Jan 2013

Soft Plastic Lure Making Guide Part 1 – How to make a one sided silicone mould

Making your mould is the first and probably the most important part in the lure making process. This may seem daunting at first but it is really easy if you follow Alan Banks’ guide.

Balista LED hard lures dyno balista
14 Oct 2012

Balista LED hard lures

Les McBride heads to Norway to test some clever hard lures with in-built flashing LED lights from Australian company Balista.

Tronixpro Yokozuna plugs Rafael
14 Oct 2012

Yokozuna plugs

Lure specialist Matt Newcombe discusses the new, competitively priced Yokozuna range of plugs from Tronixpro.

Simple but Effective Eel Storage secured
24 Sep 2012

Simple but Effective Eel Storage

Sometimes the simplest of gadgets made at home can make life easier for an angler without having to resort to high-tech solutions.

Fox RAGE Chatter Tail lures three colours
08 Sep 2012

Fox RAGE Chatter Tail lures

They smell like month-dead mackerel and are intended as freshwater predator baits, but Chatter Tail lures from the Fox RAGE stable are equally at home in the sea.

Snowbee Lure Boxes
08 Oct 2011

Snowbee Lure Boxes

With huge and growing European interest in plug fishing for particularly bass, Des Westmore casts an eye over a pair of ingenious new lure storage boxes from Snowbee.

Savage Gear Cutbait Herring three heads
03 Oct 2011

Savage Gear Cutbait Herring

Savage Gear Cutbait Herring lures are so well finished that when Davy Proudfoot first saw them he didn’t know whether to fish with them or frame them!

box with selection Gilly Eel Lures
06 Sep 2011

Gilly Eel Lures

They’re tough, they’re bright and they appropriately swim like fish. Steve Souter discusses the brand new Gilly Eel lures exclusive to top on-line retailer Ocean Tackle Store.