2018 tide tables graphic
08 Nov 2017

Tide Tables UK and Ireland 2018

The 2018 tide tables for the UK and the Irish Republic are now available on the site. Knowledge of tides is extremely important for the sea angler more many reasons including catching fish, collecting bait and launching small boats launching

the effects of wave power
18 Jan 2014

Wave Power

The recent gales have stirred angler’s interest as well as the seabed, with the cod hunters in particular desperate to get out and about on the beaches pulverized by the storm.

full moon
19 Apr 2011

Understanding the Solunar Theory

Full Moon or New Moon? Major or minor Solunar periods? Does any of this weird science make any sense or actually work in practice? David Proudfoot cuts through the gibberish and spells things out in simpler language What is the

Understanding tides tide tables
16 Mar 2011

Understanding Tides

Sea anglers lives are largely governed by the tides and a basic knowledge is essential. This five-minute guide explains why tidal movement occurs and how times and variances are predicted. Knowledge of tides is extremely important for the sea angler

kayak besie flooded road signs
01 Apr 2009

Hitch a ride on the tide

Understanding tides is critical if putting to sea in a kayak. Neil Turnball explains what essential publications kayakers need to make sense of tides before giving a thought to getting wet. After your first few trips on your kayak you’ll