the recoil rig for drop shot fishing
25 May 2016

The Recoil Rig for Drop Shot Fishing

Sometimes, when drop shotting, you need the lure to remain in more or less the same place while still imparting the necessary action to tempt a nearby fish to take. The recoil rig is one method of keeping the lure in the take zone for longer.

clamp and tray in place on trolley
08 May 2016

Bait Station Trolley Clamp

An increasing number of anglers are using baiting trays to help them stay organised on the pier and beach. Although there are stands available to support the tray it does mean an additional item to transport.

Fixed Spool Reel Line Retaining Band fitted
27 Apr 2016

Fixed Spool Reel Line Retaining Band

Keeping line from unravelling on a fixed spool can be a trial, whether on the reel or in the spares bag. Although you can buy custom bands to secure the line, complete with manufacturers adverts, a cheaper, simpler version is available.

Two Alderney Style Long Stem Floats
17 Apr 2016

Building an Alderney Style Long Stem Float

Some years ago Steve Ace from Veals Fishing Tackle developed a float fishing style or bream and mullet that was picked up by Alderney anglers.

two way beads on line tensioned in rig jig
16 Mar 2016

Making a Simple Rig Jig

Measuring accurate rigs and traces can be a pain, particularly when using rig glue, here David Proudfoot explains how to make a simple rig jig.

bead crimped on trace line
11 Feb 2016

Making a Matchstick Bead Boom

Light weight matchstick bead booms are a valuable addition to the armoury of both the boat and shore angler, here Planet Sea Fishing describe how to a assemble the boom and build a traces using this terminal tackle.

Finished Bait - The Bloodworm Trap pennel rig
03 Jul 2015

The Bloodworm Trap – a South African Take on the Pennel Rig

The bloodworm is a relative of the lugworm found in Europe, it is widely used as a bait for shore fishing in South Africa. Here Dean Dickinson details how he has adapted the pennel rig to trap the bloodworm on a twin hook rig and ensure that it is neatly presented to the fish.

Daiwa Sealine X 30SHV
26 May 2015

Strip Down Review of the Daiwa Sealine X 30SHV

Rating a reel as the best in its class may be a difficult claim to substantiate but with a strip down review Des Westmore establishes that his customer’s claim may not be far wide of the mark with the Daiwa Sealine X 30SHV.

Gulp and Isome Bait storage tub seal
17 Apr 2015

Long-term Storage of Gulp and Isome Bait and Lures

Bio lures or baits such as Berkley Gulp or Marukyu Isome are impregnated with combinations of amino acids that trigger a feeding response in fish and they need proper storage to maintain their effectiveness.

Shimano Tyrnos 10 Strip Down Maintenance lever drag
23 Mar 2015

Shimano Tyrnos 10 Strip Down Maintenance

No matter what level of quality of a reel attains sooner or later some problems will occur, even with regular maintenance. Here Des Westmore strips a Shimano Tyrnos 10 to fix a couple of regular problems which crop up.