06 May 2017

Tralee Bay Conservation Measures

Tralee Bay is a breeding ground for sharks, skates and rays and has been for thousands of years. In the 1960s, up to 700Kg of these creatures would be caught in the first hour alone of fishing competitions, all of

a Thames thornback ray
28 Apr 2017

Thornback Ray Boat Fishing Rigs Tips and Tactics

For this latest episode the From the Waters Edge team headed back down to Essex to fish with their good friend Phil White, aboard his boat the Chinook III. They had one species in mind, the thornback ray or skate,

planet sea fishing site promo
18 Apr 2017

Planet Sea Fishing Site Promo

A short promo video explaining the expansive information available on www.planetseafishing.com . It includes details of the site layout, navigation and how to find interesting articles. Music from Jukedeck – create your own at http://jukedeck.com  

Swim feeder from the shore
01 Mar 2017

Swim Feeder Beach Fishing

After the success of the From the Waters Edge last video, where they tried to catch some fish from the beach using the lightest tackle possible, it got them thinking what other ideas they try could experiment with including a

light tackle shore fishing
01 Mar 2017

Light Tackle Fishing from the Beach

For this latest episode the From the Waters Edge crew took the cameras down to Kessingland on the Suffolk coast, to try and catch a few fish from the beach with light tackle. Now it’s no secret that the winter

jigging for cod
28 Sep 2016

Jigging for Cod, Pollock, and Mackerel

The Thundermist Lures team are out fishing the saltwaters of Green Harbor and they’re light tackle jigging for cod, pollock, wrasse and mackerel. Baited up with stingnose jigging spoons, and flexi-jigs.

thames smoothhounds
31 Aug 2016

Thames Estuary Smoothhounds

For this latest episode we headed back down to Essex to fish with our good friend Phil White, aboard his boat the Chinook III, with one species in mind… the smoothhound.

kayak porbeagle
22 Jun 2016

Graham Smith takes Kayak porbeagle

Kayak angler Graham Smith hooks up to an Irish porbeagle shark in this all action video.

scratching from the beach
28 May 2016

Sea Fishing From The Beach – Spring “Scratching”

For this latest episode we head to the beach with the aim being a simple one – try to catch anything that swims!

video list image
19 May 2016

Using Chart Software to Find Fish

Learn how to locate various species of saltwater fish in different parts of the country using contours, currents, and specific structure areas they prefer. An interesting webinar from Navionics on how to interpret charts to find fish holding features.