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Tronixpro Wrap and Strap Reviewed

by John Popplewell

review product supplied stickerTronixpro always seem to have their finger on the button when it comes to the latest innovations and the Wrap and Strap is certainly one of those.

The rod carrier is ideal for those impromptu sessions when you just want to grab a couple of rods, a sand spike or tripod and head out. The Wrap and Strap can be fixed at either end by means of Velcro securing points which are rubberised so they stretch over the rods either end. The adjustable strap fits comfortably over the shoulder. The strap assembly is easily stored in the glove compartment of a car or in the tackle box.

The Tronixpro Wrap and Strap

The Tronixpro Wrap and Strap

Don’t think that you can strap four or five rods to it plus all the other items you want to carry because it is not designed for that.

The Test

Most of my fishing is spur of the moment stuff, and I am very lucky to live within walking distance of the shoreline. If the weather is right and coincides with a suitable tide I tend to grab hold of a couple of rods plus tripod and I am on the beach in seconds, which makes the Wrap and Strap ideal for this sort of fishing.

John kitted out with the Tronixpro Wrap and Strap

John kitted out with the Tronixpro Wrap and Strap

This strap is pretty much water proof with rubberised securing points to the rods at either end. I did find that two rods and a tripod were about the limit as that is all it will stretch to, but this is what the Wrap and Strap is made for, light, on the go styles of fishing.

The Strap hooked to the Wrap

The Strap hooked to the Wrap

The swivel locking clips and each end are made from a strong, robust plastic and the strap itself is made from a durable material and strongly stitched at every joining point.


The Wrap and Strap comfort pad rests very nicely on the shoulder and makes for ease of manoeuvrability while carrying all those essential angling items to the beach on your other shoulder.

Summing Up

A well-made rod sling ideal for strapping a couple of rods, brolly and a tripod, easy to use and will be, in my opinion, very hard wearing.

The Wrap part

The Wrap part


This rod holder is very reasonably priced at around £7.99 and is worth every penny, it is available in most tackle shops and online angling stores.

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